How it works overview

First of all we analyse existing data:

  • product information (any ERP export)
  • images and icons
  • description texts
  • all languages
  • currencies

Then we look how to define update process

  • automatic update: from your database or intermediary database
  • definition of business contract (what can go through or not)
  • how to upload information back to CRM
  • via web service from existing DAM
  • manually through file upload
  • by hand data input

Finally we define workflows

  • who decides what
  • who is responsable for which part
  • who needs to publish

Keeping in mind that exceptions are also part of the game we are able to provide solution to avoid mistake without being too rigid.

Our data analysts know the product and help you to barricade the process always keeping a sharp eye on updates or modifications.

Once the source of existing analysis is done, we will define together the norm so that the content does not depend on one or other media anymore. Each asset will be independent and containing meta information, data enrichment and process of automatic derivatives will be specified.

Then we provide you different web user interface giving you the chance to interact peacefully with your content on any channel you choose for any media you feel like on one click any specification.

We can provide native application, website e commerce, paper catalog, price lists, product sheet, novelties, accessories, user guide, and so on.

All markets and cultures deserve specific attention and its users personalized information for better understanding and usage for loyalty and happiness.

Project management

We’ll work with your existing data

Licence and istallation

Integrate all data in our platform


We’ll guarantee lasting quality


Provide good practice advices

Hosting (if needed)

On our premises for you

General user approach

Dashboard main functions

How the content is organized

All product information are configured in this section. It can be updated automatically or manually via a file upload or enriched by hand one by one. Two kind of users are configured : contributors can read and write the content and consumer only read. Then, once everything is validated, markets can manage their channels.

From here you can manage it all
Modify product information
Manage all users
Configure channels
Different kind of content in separated database
Application programming interface
Define users rights
Push on the web
Present content on appropriate channel

Data update process

Architecture of the system

All separated databases, connections and API

All the content is saved in separated databases related between them and giving all the imaginable customized possibilities. In addition different API can communicate to different outputs necessary for external communication.