Everything is in one place:

You don’t have to run after the actual xcel file or ask anyone where the plumb image is !


Our experience tells us to put apart the content from it’s frame so nothing can stop you sharing your new ideas. No technology should ever be part of communication limitations.

Rather, you should be able to be as fast as light to catch your new customers by offering them what they need.

No one should waste time finding the needed information or bother about a technical process already in place. Machines are made to help us achieving our goals.

Our imagination has no limits.

Let’s push boundaries.






Your data

To much is not enough

All different levels of information in a single communication process.

Your process

1. Single source information

It will ease the update work and correction waste of time. The information are up to date and correct. Staff has clean and available ready to use content.

2. Layout tool

This tool gives you reactivity and the possibility to work on demand with all products informations preselected or customizable for publishing needs (website, paper catalog, price lists, etc.)

3. Autonomy with control

All your markets are autonomous to select products without your intervention but with your self ruling gouvernance, for example imposing novelties.

4. True reactivity

The markets will be able to work on there own channels with respect of HQ rules. New products and updated informations will be pushed on demand so the market can use it fast.

5. Brand Management System

Templates are available as designed and defined by your CI and no chance to modify the graphic elements. The market will only have to drag and drop selected products for publishing.

6. Connected to other system

We fetch the datas from different source, process them and make them available online. We get products information from your softwares and assets from your folders. We are experts in pictures management and manipulate them for all media.

7. Extensions

We are proactive in the development of new solution as technologies evolves quickly. Regularly we will give you information on further opportunities.

8. Administration

The HQ will have the ease to give access to users through an interface. All the different market will then be able to manage their team.