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Rolling works for some of the largest watch brands in the world. Our approach consists of providing administrative and technical support to manage content and enrich the product database. With a team comprising developers, marketing professionals with a graphic art background, graphic designers, business analysts, and other specialists, we are perfectly positioned to help you manage your product information, images and technical specifications.

Valac: Our standardised platform

Valac offers a powerful, intuitive Cloud solution for managing and optimising product flows. Our platform has been specially designed to manage a huge number of products, quickly and easily. Valac is a unique SaaS (System as a Service) solution for integrating and managing your product content and flows. Our guiding principle: To help brands and distributors to improve their agility to perfectly manage the digital transition.

  • Import your product information from any source
  • Improve your communication materials in a few seconds
  • Distribute your information to an unlimited number of resellers
  • Speed up the distribution process to get your products on the market

Content enrichment

We can handle all types of content administration, such as: The technical specifications for standardisation, image optimisation, establishing product nomenclatures, creating product pages, optimisation and preparation of the sales catalogue and digital migration of data for international distribution. We also offer advice and assistance for managing translation.

  • Enrichment and improvement of product information
  • Configuration for the country and segmentation of content
  • Indexing of content and Web optimisation
  • Guaranteeing the accuracy of the content via technical interfaces

Content translation

Translating the information for your product using our Transit connector in Valac is a simple task. However, you may already have translated the content you need, with just some minor modifications to be made. Our experts are able to handle modifications on any support and in any language, across all channels, with the greatest of ease.

  • Translation and administration of product information
  • Enrichment and optimisation of multilingual content
  • Support for roll-out of local campaigns

Support for standardisation of existing content

Our team of experts can efficiently manage the process to transfer your product information, images and other data, from any basic system, datasheet and files inherited from your current environment.

  • Importing and cleaning the information and the content in line with a normalised standard
  • Migrating your information to Valac from your current system or organisation
  • Cleaning and standardising the information within the new nomenclatures

Custom interface to ensure accuracy of the content

We believe in a systematic approach to content management, and put in place user-friendly interfaces to help generate results which are optimal and consistent. This allow communications to be managed, costs to be controlled, and high quality product updates to be provided within a short turnaround within your existing databases or information systems.

  • View your projects in real-time within your systems
  • Track all the interactions taking place within the interface
  • Set your priorities and plan your objectives at any time

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