Bill of materials

Your complete inventory for after-sales

Inside a watch lies a complex mechanism; in-depth expertise is required to master it. All manufactures have an after-sales service department which organises and manages the structure of the components available on the market via boutiques or repair centres across the world.

Unlimited listing

To provide access to the complete listing of parts available for a reference, we have created a platform which allows each component of a part to be easily located. The BOM user interface allows an exploded view to be displayed from a vector file to dynamically link the image to the component and allow ordering using easy recognition. The components can be grouped into a kit with a hierarchy defined by your organisation. You have complete autonomy when it comes to updates, with no external intervention.

Individual access for each user

Based on each user’s skill profile, access can be granted to different knowledge levels, as managed by you. These levels can be linked to certificates or to our training module.

When changes are made to a product or explanation, a notification or newsflash can be sent out via the platform.

Direct link with your system

The order process is connected to your management system and the order statuses are managed and displayed when the order is taken. Partial deliveries, tracking, and the entire process is managed and configured to link in with how you operate.

Over 25 years of expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in developing digital tools dedicated to after-sales, with expert knowledge of the automotive sector at the heart of this.