Synchronisation with your existing systems

Interconnect with your tools

Whatever source of information you use, we can synchronise it with our solution. Whether your company uses a comprehensive management tool such as ERP, or simple Excel or CSV files, or similar, we can adapt our import tool to your context.

All your information connected

Our solution incorporates, as standard, the three main tools which we believe enable effective digitisation – PIM, DAM, and BOM – but all three are independent. If you already have DAM, for example, we can connect that to our solution to create consistency throughout, and integrate as much information as possible across these tools.

The goal of our solution is to link all the relevant information for effective distribution according to the skills base of each member of your network, to meet their needs at a given time in a reliable manner.

Managed updates

When it comes to updates, there are two key priorities: Autonomy, and spending as little time as possible on these. Once our tool is set up, we jointly define the procedures for these updates which control the quality of the information found in the sheets.

According to rules defined together, after submission, we provide a report outlining the number of changes, omissions or errors which prevent or enable the type of information to progress through the procedure. For example, if a price is missing from a product intended for publication on an e-commerce site, it will not be published.

ERP synchronised with PIM

The product structure, product information, variants and specifications for your company’s ERP system can be automatically transferred to Valac (our PIM solution) to which other descriptive texts, translations, images, videos, etc. can be added. During integration, the selected content is automatically synchronised (product information, specifications, etc.) from ERP to PIM.