Digital asset management

Managing media

Your files in a single location, and one version for all needs.

Our integrated DAM system organises, converts and distributes images, videos and graphics for all applications from a single source.

The right format for the right location

The images linked to products differ in nature, and must be organised and stored correctly. DAM allows you to group all these images in a single location. The system automatically manages all the variants of each image required to meet your specific needs.

All your images, centralised

  • Packshot
  • 3/4 product photo
  • PR photo
  • Advertising visuals
  • Marketing material
  • etc.

All your formats, automatically

  • Print version (300dpi CMYK)
  • Web version (72dpi RGB)
  • Mobile optimised version
  • Low resolution JPEG thumbnails
  • Very high resolution TIFF
  • etc.

Your images, richer than simple photos

Metadata completes your images, enabling them to be easily organised and located. All the images linked to a product are visible at a glance. The same is true of all the visuals linked to a campaign, or the photos of all products in a specific collection… and any other information you may need.

Simple, intuitive user interface

  • Management of users
  • Validation of access rights
  • Choice of options for each user
  • Management of the file structure
  • Addition/modification of content
  • Management of metadata
  • Choice of keywords for searches
  • Management of rights to files
  • including folders and functions
  • Management of watermark text

Uniform company graphic charter for universal use

This safeguards the company’s graphic profile, as it is easy for everyone to use the company formatting, fonts, images, graphics and logos correctly – on the Web, without users needing any specific design skills or technical knowledge of the graphics chain.