Product information management

All the product information centralised

A single main database incorporating texts, translations, technical data, images, graphics and videos.

Overview of all your products

Our PIM ensures you always have clarity as regards your products.

  • Clear overview of all your product information
  • View of the publication channels
  • Effective search function
  • Simple user interface
  • Sorting of products
  • Log of modifications

Selection and organisation of the publication channels

The same product is not presented in the same way in a catalogue, on a website, on a mobile application, or on a billboard. But the product information must be correct.

Our PIM solution allows you to select products for each publication channel. This gives you a clear overview of your publication channels and the products which will be included, at any time.

Information which varies according to the market

In addition to the publication channel, some information will vary according to the publication market. Prices vary between countries, but there may also be differences in the selection of products available to certain markets. Using the PIM tool, you can easily select the products available for each market.

More than 15 years of expertise

We can boast more than 15 years of experience in the publication of product information in the watchmaking and luxury sector.

Thanks to this expertise, we have developed a reliable yet flexible tool which ensures the right information is published on the right channel, based on the user’s requirements, and the type of in-house organisation, specific to each manufacture.